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A book must be an ice-axe to break the seas frozen inside our soul.

-Franz Kafka

We care about the truth. Our work seeks to bridge cultural divides, to stir people, and to ask life’s biggest questions. We believe the answers you discover are better than the answers you’re given.

Our Team

Ted Cox

Husband and father of five, Ted loves a good story. After skipping through the world of IT, advertising and documentary work, Ted began writing and directing narratives with 2013’s The Good Neighbor. Seeing people connect with God’s word through storytelling engaged his passions in a way that nothing ever had before. In 2021, Ted released his first novel: What You Meant for Evil.

Alex Reimer

An electrical engineer by training, Alex became convicted that technology wasn’t capable of solving humanity’s most critical challenges. Wrestling to unite his affinities for electrons and imagination, Alex started working in live television in 2015. He joined Soul Catalyst Films in 2016. Most recently, he helmed Christmas in Craigavon, showing his gifts as both a DP and a colorist. He may even have written a bit of poetry.